22 Year Old Excites Figure Skating Fans With an Out of the Box Song

This year’s Winter Olympics are rapidly approaching. And with that, the qualifying competitions are in full swing. One of the qualifying competitions, the U.S Men’s Singles’ Figure Skating Championships are one of the many competitions where athletes will attempt to claim a spot on the U.S Olympic team.

Figure skating is a beautiful sport that requires a tone of attention to detail, crisp movements, and sharp poses. Typically, when people are asked to describe the art of figure skating, they would gravitate towards using words like “graceful” or “elegant.”

Jimmy Ma, however, shook up the sport during the U.S Figure Skating Championships recently with his routine set to DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s 2013 song “Turn Down For What”. The 22 year old performed his routine in San Jose, California. His purpose in choosing the song selection was, according to him, “to get people hyped.”

He wanted the older crowds to get excited and for the younger audience to think that the sport is actually cooler than they may have originally assumed. The audience definitely fed off of the song and there was a much higher energy in the air during and after his performance. Ma’s performance was widely appreciated and loved by many people.

After this specific performance, he was placed in the 11th place spot on the men’s singles competition board. Sadly, he will most likely not make it to compete in this upcoming year’s winter Olympics that will be hosted in South Korea. Ma did make a big impact and gained a lot of fans through his exciting performance.


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