20th Century Fox to Determine If Robert Rodriguez Will Direct Escape from New York Remake

In the 80’s, Kurt Russell and John Carpenter joined forces to create the film Escape from New York. The film became a hit and is still considered as a classic cult movie today. Carpenter earned his reputation as a world class director with the release of this film. Today, many directors are interested in recreating the classic movie, including Robert Rodriguez.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, many people were uncomfortable by the fact that Rodriguez wants to direct the remake. This is especially true as the plethora of remakes of Carpenter’s movies never turn out that well. Additionally, Rodriguez does not have the best reputation in the business as his films are usually a hit or miss. Nevertheless, Carpenter has decided to jump on board with whoever does end up making the film again.

No one knows if Russell will reprise his role of Snake Plissken. However, we do know that 20th Century Fox might be interested in casting a younger man for the role. With regard to the premise for the show, it will still take place in New York. However, this time, Manhattan will be a beautiful city surrounded by a glass wall.


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