10 Crazy Facts You Need To Know About Thor

Only a true Thor fan would know these facts:

1.    Thor was introduced to the comic world in August 1962, the same month Spider-Man was introduced.

2.    Most of Thor’s powers originate from his Hammer, Mjolnir, including controlling the weather and the power of force field.                   

3.    One of the lesser known uses of Mjolnir is that it can raise the dead.

4.    What most people don’t know is that Thor’s fancy belt he wears around his waist doubles his strength, appropriately called the Belt of Strength.

5.    Thor’s hammer can only be picked up by those deemed worthy.

6.    Thor has hit an enemy with so much force that it created a black whole and sucked his opponent into it.

7.    Thor is the only true son of Odin, but has a half-brother named Loki.

8.    His home kingdom of Asgard is a kingdom floating somewhere over Broxton, Oklahoma.

9.    Thor is at least 1000 years old.

10. Thor was created by Stan Lee as an attempt to design someone more powerful than the Incredible Hulk. He realized that the only thing stronger than the strongest man would be a God.


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