Why You Should Own A GoPro


Are you one of those crazy adventurous types who love to document every memory? If so, sounds like a GoPro would be perfect for you. Maybe you’ve thought about it before, but weren’t sure whether the cost of one was worth the splurge? There are more benefits and uses to a GoPro than you would think, making it a perfectly reasonable buy for almost anyone.

First of all, the camera is very small and light, making it portable and easy to pack in the smallest of bags and backpacks, weighing less for those concerned about carrying a lot of weight in their packs. One of the nicest qualities of owning a GoPro as opposed to a regular camera is that they are waterproof, making it perfect for water sports enthusiasts.

Why You Should Own A GoPro

With a waterproof case, GoPros can reach depths up to 131 ft, and with a diving case, even deeper – up to 197 feet. The two newest models, the Hero5 and Hero6 session cameras are waterproof without having to add an extra case. This makes beach time worry free because it is guaranteed that salt and sand won’t ruin the camera.

Despite what many people think, the GoPro isn’t just for taking cool action shot videos. It also can take pictures, still in very high quality. The newest models are all fit with 12-megapixel cameras, giving your photos very nice detail and photo quality.

Why You Should Own A GoPro

The camera has a fixed 170-degree lens, allowing it wide angle photos and videos and capturing almost everything in front of the camera. With this wide lens, you can point the camera in front of you and know for sure that the camera will capture it all, allowing you to focus on the adventure rather than capturing the memory. The wide angle also gives the GoPro the famous fisheye effect, adding some fun to the jam-packed adventure at hand.

The GoPro captures more of the action than with a traditional point and shoot or video camera. It allows you to shoot more of the risks and adventures have taken because of its insane portability, creating more intense memories and potentially funnier stories. GoPros are a great investment for those who love watching their action-packed memories years down the road. The GoPro makes it so simple and entertaining to do so.


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