What You Didnt Know About Bill Nye

Many ‘90s kids can recall watching Bill Nye the Science Guy as a pretty distinct part of their childhood. Bill Nye introduced an enthusiasm for science among many kids during the time when his show aired across the nation and thus became an educational and entertainment icon.

And while he shared a bunch of information about science and how things work, he didn’t really share a whole lot of information about himself to his audience. Here are some interesting facts about our most favorite childhood scientist that you may not have known before.

One surprising fact is that Bill Nye was actually an athlete in college. He attended Cornell University where he not only succeeded tremendously in all of his classes, but he also excelled in athleticism. Nye was a member of Cornell’s first ever Ultimate Frisbee team.

What You Didnt Know About Bill Nye

Bill Nye’s love for bacon may also surprise you. While he has previously stated that he believes that plant-based diets are the future, he can’t help but indulge in a little bit of bacon.

Another interesting fact is that Nye has applied to NASA in order to pursue his dream of being an astronaut four different times. He was rejected all four times but hey, maybe it’s better for all of us to have Bill Nye safely on earth.

Lastly, and arguably one of the most important pieces of information about Bill Nye relates to his undying love for bowties. Bowties have become an iconic staple for Nye and he has admitted to owning a whopping 500 bowties in his collection.


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