What Non-Drinkers Wish Drinkers Knew

For many Americans over the age of 21 years old, getting together with friends and family and having a few drinks is a very common social practice. And while many people enjoy having a drink or a few during social situations, things can sometimes get a little bit awkward or uncomfortable for those who don’t love to engage in drinking.

Here are some of the things that non-drinkers wish that their friends and family who do drink would understand and be a bit more conscious about.


The first is the idea of splitting a check at a restaurant is almost always unfair to the non-drinker who didn’t order $20 worth of drinks like the rest of the party did. One thing that may be helpful if you are a non-drinker and find yourself constantly faced with situations where you will most likely to be asked to split the bill, hold back on your order until the ed and when the waiter comes around to ask you for your order, ask them to put yours on a separate check.

What Non-Drinkers Wish Drinkers Knew

Another thing that many non-drinkers wish that drinkers would stop doing is pressuring them to drink or just even constantly asking them why they don’t drink. Some people don’t drink because they do not enjoy the taste of alcohol while other people drink because they have had issues with overconsumption in the past. There are so many reasons why people may choose not to drink and that is ultimately their choice.


Non-drinkers wish for drinkers to understand is that they are not there to babysit you. Drinking is fun, sure, and sometimes people will get a bit drunk and maybe even sick.

However, if you are going out with a non-drinker and go into the night with the assumption that they will be there to help you get home if you get too drunk, that is absolutely the wrong attitude and completely unfair to the non-drinker.


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