Ways to Start Trying Mindful Eating

There are so many diets and approaches to eating out there, sometimes it’s easy to feel lost and confused. Mindful eating is a term you may have heard of before, but what does it actually mean? Unlike many traditional diets, which encourage restriction and constant monitoring of food, mindful eating encourages individuals to be present when they are eating a meal or a snack. This means noticing what the food looks, smells, and tastes like, with the aim being to increase people’s ability to notice when they are full and feeling satisfied. Here are three ways you can start eating more mindfully if you’re interested in trying this approach for yourself.

Find Five Colors

If you’re about to sit down and enjoy a meal, before you take a bite see if you can identify five different colors on your plate. This can help you wake your senses up to the food you’re about to consume, and this mindfulness can encourage your body to signal when you are full. Finding five colors can also encourage you to put a wider range of plant-based foods on your plate, to encourage the range of colors, and this is certainly a benefit for your health.

Breathe in and Out

Eating mindfully is about taking your time to eat a meal, so if you find yourself eating lunch hunched over your work desk, see if you can break this pattern for at least one day a week. Before you start eating, see if you can identify any aromas from your food. If you can’t because you are consistently eating cold, pre-prepared foods on the go, this can be a subtle reminder to you to make more time for yourself by cooking a meal from scratch.

Taste Each Bite

Meals are often social events, so we don’t always have the capacity to savor each and every bite. However, even if you’re talking with friends and family, you can still take a few moments for yourself to really appreciate the tastes and textures of the food you’re eating. Sitting with your phone in hand is a big no-no in mindful eating, as it’s almost impossible to really notice the amount of food you’re eating when you’re also scrolling through your socials.


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