Tips to Help You Reach Your Daily Step Goals

Exercise is an incredibly important aspect of life and something that people should be incorporating into their daily lives. However, it can be hard to find the time and motivation for a proper workout, so it’s excellent news to many that simply walking enough each day is beneficial. Even so, due to other commitments and general life, it’s not always easy to actually reach a significant amount of steps in a day. Here are some simple ideas to try out to help boost your daily step count.

Incorporate Walking into Your Commute

For many people, the idea of walking their entire commute is simply impossible. However, even in these circumstances, there are ways around it. A simple solution is to stop before you reach work, either by parking further away or getting off your bus or train a few stops early. This can help to get a good amount of movement into your day.

Choose the Stairs 

It may not sound appealing, but if you can take the stairs instead of a lift then this is such an easy way to increase your step count. You may well find that it doesn’t even take much longer if you’re used to waiting a while for the lift to arrive. 

Walk in Your Lunch Break

Always remember that your lunch break is your free time to do as you please. If you’re keen to get as much movement into your day as possible, then consider using the free time to walk around the block a few times and then head back to your workspace to munch on your lunch.


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