This Is How You Train Your Brain to Ignore Junk Food

Sometimes it feels like an out of body experience. You see a can of Pringles and all of a sudden, you’ve eaten the entire tube. The salty or sweet flavors of junk food are addictive and few have the self-control necessary to keep away from these damaging goodies. We’re here to help with eight ways to curb those cravings and learn to pass over the cakes and sweets, without any struggle.

The Five Ingredient Rule – If a product has got more than five ingredients, forget it. Its loaded with preservatives, salt and other ingredients that are only there to keep you noshing.

This Is How You Train Your Brain to Ignore Junk Food

The Rule of Three – A Cornell Study found that folks tend to reach for foods with three colors, and preferably with three colors. Instead of the nuts, caramel, and chocolate of a Twix bar, combine a small square of dark chocolate with nuts and dried fruit to get the salty-sweet combination.

Re-work your Routine – If you’ve made a habit of stopping at 4 pm+ for a quick run to the vending machine, re-work the routine with a brisk walk for five minutes following by an iced lemon water. Refreshing and light, without the sugar and salt.

Find Healthy Treats – There’s a bit of a premium on healthy food, but the upfront cost can save loads later in the gym or other health-related fees. If berries get you excited, swap out dessert for some succulent blackberries or juicy raspberries. They’ll cost a bit more, but your body will thank you. 

Make Healthy Food Accessible – Of course it’s quicker to stop by the 7/11 for a few bags of chips, but don’t let convenience slip you up. Store bags of cut carrots and single-serve humus or freeze grapes to keep healthy snacks on hand.

This Is How You Train Your Brain to Ignore Junk Food

Know Your Triggers – You know you best, so use that information to your benefit. If you can’t pass up the popcorn drizzled in caramel and chocolate, don’t ever buy them. There’s no need to challenge yourself!

Get Grossed Out – Often the more you know, the more you’ll wish you didn’t. Processed foods will combine any number of unhealthy, synthetic or outright gross ingredients to get those flavors that you wind up craving. Learn up on what’s really in the treats you love best and you’ll find you really just don’t want to have that anywhere near you.

Chew, Chew – Those who chew more, eat less. Think like a European and take some time with your food. Let it sit on your palate and enjoy the flavors and the process of eating, the more you do, the less you’ll end up eating.


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