The Undertaker Makes His Last Appearance at WWE WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33 has taken place this past Sunday. The Undertaker really prepared for the match as if he won, he would have officially made the title of a 100 win mark on pay-per-view. The Undertaker made his last appearance on World Wrestling Entertainment’s Raw special which took place three weeks ago. Braun Strowman also made comments to Roman Reigns that resulted in a fight over who is more masculine.

The Undertaker fought Roman Reigns and won the battle. The fight was pretty brutal as both fighters had a lot of energy in the ring that night. Nevertheless, The Undertaker one and gave the crowd an interesting champion exit off the stage. Once the fight was over, he got up from the ring but left his gloves, coat, and hat there. He then proceeded to kiss his loving family in the crowd and walked up the entrance ramp of the ring. Here he raised his fist and disappeared from sight.

There was no official statement as to whether this was The Undertaker’s final match with WrestleMania, or wresting in general, but his exit certainly makes us believe so.