The Phil Jackson Era Is Over

Finally, the much needed decision to let go of New York Knicks president Phil Jackson has happened and we are all extremely content. Jackson rejoined as the Knicks president in 2014 and brought a lot of hype to the program. However, he did not live up to the excitement.

He might have come into the franchise with a great record, 11 championships with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, but he did almost no good for the Knicks. New Yorkers had always looked up to the coach, but recently, our respect for him has gone down the drain.

It’s obvious that the Knicks have not had the best few years, but with the addition of Kristaps Porzingis in 2015, the fans saw at least some sort of potential. But, there goes Jackson, running his mouth and disrespecting both Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony.

Melo may be somewhat old and there might not be the longest future for him on the Knicks, as a young team is trying to emerge, but he gave the Knicks fans some positivity and a reason to attend games. He was reported saying that he genuinely wanted to be a Knick, which makes it worse that Jackson tried to force him out.

In the Knicks entire time with Phil Jackson, their record was 80 wins and 166 loses; yup, it was that bad. We are all looking forward to what the NY Knicks might have in store now that they took major strides in the right direction.


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