These Hockey Players Have The Most Amazing Hair

Typically, when people think of good hair, they think of the flowing locks of supermodels and celebrities. No one really thinks of hockey players when they envision anything to do with hygiene, hair, or looks. However, hockey players definitely sport their own types of hairstyles. From beards to mustaches to mullets, hockey players embrace their rugged style with some interesting hairdos.

Who knows? Maybe they like growing out long hair and shaggy beards in order to add some sort of insulation to combat the ice field of the hockey arena. Maybe they have mullets because it is a signature style of pro hockey players. Whatever the case, it’s no doubt that hockey players express themselves via their hairstyles.

For example, the San Jose Sharks has two players who have two of the most interesting and amazing beards to grace the sport. Brent Burns and Joe Thornton’s faces are adorned with beards fit for the most talented of hockey stars.


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