The Coca Cola Trick Every Guy Should Know

We’ve all had a coca cola before, or at least heard of the infamous drink that is commonly paired with a big juicy burger or a big slice of pizza. But now coke is being paired with something else – something quite unexpected… toilet water. Yes, you read that right. Coca-Cola can now be not just your best friend, but also your toilets.

When you’ve got rings of stains and no cleaning supplies on hand, this fizzy soda will help you out. It can help to give your toilet a spotless clean in a matter of no time. All you have to do is pour the coca cola along the dirty edges of the toilet bowl and the carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids in it will break down stains.

The Coca Cola Trick Every Guy Should Know

For a guarantee shine, it is best to leave the soda overnight before flushing, leaving it looking good as new. An alternative to coke would be to use soda water to prevent any sugary residue.

And to top off the good news, after you’ve finished you can kick back with a cold can of soda from your leftover supply! It’s a win-win.


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