The Best Action Movies on Netflix

Netflix has lots of action movies and lately, there are some really good ones out. Not to mention that some of the classics have been added. So you can both choose among the new entries, or enjoy a good old movie. Gladiator is a good example. Ridley Scott’s 2000 historical drama is really timeless. Russell Crowe won an Oscar for his performance as Maximus. In the movie, Maximus is betrayed by his Emperor and forced to fight for his life in front of a big audience. The action scenes are incredible and the movie holds your breath the entire time.

Another good movie is Ip Man. Ip Man is way more entertaining than any other Kung Fu movie. Donnie Yen plays the character. He is forced to fight for his village after the Japanese invasion of China in 1937. The whole performance is really solid. Last but not least, Lethal Weapon. In the movie, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover hunt down a heroin operation run by former Special Forces soldiers. Enjoy these amazing movies!


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