The Art of Pressing Flowers: Everything You Need to Know

Pressing flowers is a timeless craft that captures the delicate beauty of nature in a way that can last for years. Whether you’re looking to preserve blooms from a special bouquet or want to enjoy the colors of the garden year-round, learning the art of flower pressing is a wonderful and rewarding hobby. Let’s dive in. 

The Pressing Process

  • Gently wash the flowers if they have dirt on them and pat them dry. Trim the stems to your liking.
  • Lay out a sheet of absorbent paper on a flat surface. Arrange your flowers face down on the paper, making sure they do not overlap. Cover the flowers with another sheet of absorbent paper.
  • Place the paper-covered flowers within the pages of a thick book, then stack additional books on top for extra weight.
  • The drying process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the moisture content of the flowers and the humidity in your environment. Check your flowers periodically. Once they feel papery and dry, they are ready.
  • Carefully remove the pressed flowers from the paper. Use tweezers if necessary to prevent tearing. Pressed flowers can be stored in flat, dry conditions in airtight containers.


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