What Makes The Super Bowl So Super

Each year, billions of fans gather around their TVs to watch two NFL football teams throw around some cowhide. Being these two teams means you have the honor of being the best out of 32 teams who have worked all season to compete against each other at a spot to play in the most viewed program in history in the United States. Because of the large amount of viewers, companies interested in buying commercial time must be willing to pay a high price. These are the most expensive commercials to be televised all year. Companies who are willing to pay these high prices make sure that their commercials are witty and clever so that they will be memorable for the millions of viewers who are watching. These commercials are so well known and entertaining that there are people who will tune in just for the commercials rather than the football game. One other major event that those who don’t even watch the Super Bowl will tune in to see is the Halftime Show. Halftime shows are an American tradition during all football games that help to broaden the television audience and nationwide interest. Performers for the Super Bowl show have ranged from all sorts of genres, such as Beyonce and Bruno Mars to Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones. People come from near and far to watch two teams play live in the Super Bowl and are willing to pay the steep prices for a ticket, which usually range anywhere from $2,500-$3,000. The Super Bowl is an amazing experience that brings friends and families together and I highly advising at least watching once, if not for the enjoyment of watching a good competitive football game, but just to experience the gameday spirit that comes out of this particular Sunday one day a year.


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