Starbucks Now Has Strawless Lids

Going strawless has been the new thing to do in 2018. From FinalStraw making the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw, Starbucks is now introducing strawless lids.

People refer to them as “adult sippy cup” lids, because let’s be honest, that is what they look like. We are all freaking out wondering if every store is going to conform to this environmentally friendly lid. It is obvious that this new lid is not as picture-worthy as the regular lid, but you are helping the environment while drinking it.

What started with the kids just being used on their Nitro Cold Brew drinks is now expanding to all of their iced beverages.

Starbucks originally paired the lid with the new drink so customers could enjoy the drink fully because the Nitro Cold Brew has a foamy layer on top that you would miss by drinking with a straw. While not every drink can be served with this strawless lid, any kind of plastic reduction can go a long way.

People argue that the cup itself is plastic so the whole strawless lid is useless, however, the cup is recyclable, while the regular green straws are not.

Plastic straws are and have always been a huge problem for aquatic life, so any kind of reduction in the use of them is a great thing.

Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the United States, mainly because it is a force of habit. We as people can continue to live our lives very easily without straws, so why do we continue to use them?


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