People Are Having Their Ashes Pressed Into Vinyl

People have a new way to be remembered after they leave this earth. It is something completely different that no one has ever done before. It is a new way to stay in the minds of our relatives and friends through music. It is the new idea of having the ashes pressed into vinyl.

In this way, we will always be remembered through a song or album chosen by us which will keep our relative’s company even when we won’t be there anymore. It is a particular idea, to some, it might seem incredibly odd but beyond the strange and unheard concept, there is much more.

People Are Having Their Ashes Pressed Into Vinyl

There is the idea of staying in the hearts and souls of our beloved people by literally sounding like music to them. The dying person can choose a song that means a lot to him or her or a song that brings back good memories and alleviates the pain of those who are losing him or her.

Despite the weirdness, it is a very sweet and unique idea.


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