Paul Walker Is Not Going Anywhere Soon

We were all devastated upon hearing Paul Walker sudden death at 2013 in the midst of the filming of the 7th fast and furious movie. Being so popular, having as much as fans, helping the money reel moving helped him keeps his job even though the unfortunate accident. To finish Fast and Furious 7 his brothers stepped in to act as his body doubles, making it possible to keep shooting and air the film with only minor changes in the story.

Vim Diesel, his costar, and real life friend took the news about Walker’s death pretty harsh and decided to name his newborn daughter after Paul. 

More than anything, what keeps Walker bank account filled and getting bigger by the day is the popularity of the Fast and furious films which seems to never calm down. Still earning his percentage in the movie’s profit and from the merchandise, he keeps making a good career after his early departure. We can only imagine what would have happened to Walk’s career if he was still with us today, we might have the chance to see him in a lot of other films keeping dragging his fans to see his work. What we learn from this story is only one single important lesson, drive safely. 


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