Paige’s Mother Up Front About Her Daughter’s WWE Absence

WWE Superstar Paige has been pulled from WWE’s upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand, and independent wrestler/person you don’t want to mess with Saraya Knight is shooting down rumors that her daughter is not on speaking terms with the company. Rumors have been spread recently that the former champ has been causing a lot of backstage tension, which many people believe is the real reason for her being pulled from the lineup. Knight isn’t in on those rumors though, and quickly shot them down on Twitter.

“To all dirt sheets that are slandering my daughter you might have to get facts right before posting. Melt down my arse!! She is injured!!!!”

“Raging right now! My daughter has an injury. No melt down, babies, sackings or any other bullshit your might read. Why don’t you just ask???”

“I suggest you tread carefully, she is 100% injured and receiving physio. Don’t act like the dirtsheets #knowfacts”

Various reports have confirmed that Paige has actually been sidelined with a neck injury, and will be evaluated by WWE medical personnel in a few weeks. While it is unclear how she received these injuries, it does explain why Paige has been pulled from upcoming WWE Live tours. As for the alegged issues between her and management, word is if the situation doesn’t improve soon, the self-proclaimed Anti-Diva could go her separate way before long.

This isn’t the first injury scare Paige has been through recently, she suffered a concussion back in January. With all these recent bang ups, let’s hope Paige can get back to her bad old self as soon as possible.


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