Man Reports Fake Terrorist Attack To Get Out Of Traveling With His Girlfriend

Motapharthi Varnshi Krishna is a 32-year old man from Hyderabad, India who really took the concept of “ditching” to a whole new level. He currently is married but was having an affair with his girlfriend who was interested in taking their relationship to the next level. She romantically planned out an entire trip to the state of Goa.

Krishna did not want to go. He didn’t seem interested. When he tried to find excused for why he could not come, his girlfriend would continue to insist. He even claimed to not have enough money for the trip, but she offered to help with the cash.

In order to get out of this situation, before Krishna went to the airport, he sent an email to the authorities stating that he overheard 6 men discussing hijacking a plane. He assumed this would cancel his flight that would take him to Goa. What he did not seem to understand is that a terror attack is a huge threat. The authorities found out he was the one who sent the email and he was immediately arrested.


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