Make the Most Out of Your Friendsgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, there is an overwhelming sensation of gratefulness and appreciation for everything that one has. Whether it is family, friends, material items, or emotional contentment, it is important to reflect on the things in life that mean the most to you. Thanksgiving is typically stressed as a holiday to spend with your family. However, many people host and participate in “Friendsgiving” which are typically put together by a group of friends either a week or two prior to or after Thanksgiving.

For a typical Friendsgiving, the number of participants can range from 2 people and on to as many as the host can bear. Many of these friendly dinners are done with the potluck style in mind. Each person brings a dish, a drink, or something that will be consumed or utilized by the group. For example, while you may decide to bring roasted sweet potatoes to the potluck, one of your friends would bring a pumpkin pie, another would bring some turkey, and another would bring some cranberry sauce, etc.

Some people even host themed thanksgivings. This theme can range from having food with specific flavor twists, such as everyone must provide a latin inspired thanksgiving dish, or a costume twist, such as everyone must dress up as some sort of themed character.  These variations of styles are what makes every friendsgiving dinner unique. However, regardless of the theme, you can be sure that you will be leaving the potluck style dinner stuffed and satisfied.


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