Make a Handy Camping Tool with Just Three Things

Camping can definitely be a delight when spending time with your loved ones and becoming one with nature. However, when camping there are many things we must leave behind because too much heavy lifting can easily become a hassle. One thing that is for sure left behind is a camp stove. Although it would be rather enjoyable to have hot meals throughout the trip, it just isn’t worth the hassle.

Make a Handy Camping Tool with Just Three Things

Fortunately, a natural oven using only parts from the forest can do the trick. This contraption is called a “Swedish fire torch.” All you need is a log, an axe and some matches and you’re good to go!

Make a Handy Camping Tool with Just Three Things

You must cut down the log to whatever size suits you. Next, chisel down a vertical slit across the top of your log. After that, turn the log around and carve another vertical line across the top. This will eventually form four corners. Once you’ve finished that, grab some twigs or leaves and set them on top of the log. Take your matches and start lighting the tinder. Eventually the fire will make it’s way down the carvings you have created and the log with create intense heat. Once the heat has been spread out you can remove the twigs and place your pan right on top. It’s that easy!


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