Jurassic World Confirmed to be a Trilogy

Why do these people keep coming back to these dinosaur theme parks? Do they enjoy getting eaten alive? Well, whatever the reason, looks like Universal Studios has ordered two more entry tickets to the prehistoric horror show.

About a year ago, that movie’s director Colin Trevorrow hinted that there would be not just one, but two sequels to the 2015 blockbuster. Now Jurassic World 2 director J.A. Bayona has confirmed that the series will in fact be a trilogy. Trevorrow and his writing partner Derek Connolly are currently working on the second installment, with plans to begin filming in February 2017.

“The whole Jurassic World is a trilogy that Colin Trevorrow has envisioned,” Bayona said. “We’re writing the second chapter, and it’s very interesting where he’s leading the story.”

Bayona said it’s important to him that the Jurassic World franchise does justice to Steven Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park.

“I grew up watching Steven Spielberg movies and I love those movies and the legacy,” he said. “So it’s a question of being truthful to the legacy and at the same time, bringing new stuff that people will appreciate.”

But unlike most things in the fictional amusement park of Jurassic World, production for the sequel is apparently running smoothly.

“We are still six months ahead of shooting, and so far, so good,” Bayona said. “It’s very exciting right now.”

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are both set to return for Jurassic World 2, scheduled for release June 22, 2018.


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