Is This Proof the NFL is Rigged?

Over the years various people have speculated that the NFL might be rigged. One man has posted a video online claiming that it proves the NFL is dirty.

Conspiracy theory? You decide.

Introducing the offending clip, the video’s creator says this: “OK, so on this next play… the Browns fumbled the ball, but they say that the Redskins recovered the football. Now, watch this and tell me I’m trippin’.”

As you can clearly see from the video, the Browns player does not drop or fumble the ball, and emerges from the contact with the ball in hand. However, the commentator announces that the Redskins have managed to turn over the ball and regain possession. Proof that the NFL is rigged? Eh…

Maybe this guy should stick to loving the game and less to dissecting the evil machinations that may or may not be working behind it.


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