Here’s Why You Should Choose Organic Food When Possible 

Many people have a strict routine for grocery shopping which is understandable. Sticking to the same items each week is safer and it can save so much time and money. Choosing the organic version of food items is often a lot more expensive, and for many people, it’s not an option. However, if you’re ever able to make a few swaps during your weekly shop then this is an amazing choice to make. Here’s why. 

It’s Better for You

Having food that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides is so much better for those consuming it. The pesticides used are string chemicals, and while thoroughly washing your produce is much advised and beneficial, it may not be removing all traces entirely. 

It’s Better for the Animals

When it comes to buying animal products, organic not only means they haven’t been exposed to pesticides but also usually means a higher quality of life in general. They are not given antibiotics or hormones and are allowed to naturally graze. 

It’s Better for the Planet 

The use of pesticides on crops and animal rearing doesn’t just impact them but has wide-reaching negative effects on the environment all around. The chemicals run off the land into the natural spaces around, including rivers and lakes, and have very negative outcomes on the nearby habitats and ecosystems. 


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