Here’s Why You Should Always Wear a Jock Strap

If you are a man and you are reading this, you are already suffering of just the thought of being kicked in the balls. Whether it was a kick by someone or a ball, you know how painful it is to get one. “Honestly, childbirth still wins as the worst pain, but this ranks right up there,” says Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., co-director at The PUR Clinic, which specializes in urology and men’s health to Men’s Health. “It definitely will hurt as much as you think it will.”

So why are men so sensitive in that area? It depends on nerves. The scrotum and testes are just nerves according to Dr. Brahmbhatt. That’s good news if there’s you are enjoying sex games, but not if you get hit there. “Not only do you have the nerves in that area specifically, but the nerve pain radiates to other parts of the body,” he says. Most notably, there’s usually pain in the stomach, and that can lead to nausea or even vomiting. The connection comes when your body develops, said Dr. Brahmbhatt to Men’s Health. You’re not alone, all men suffer when they get kicked, just try to avoid that!


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