Five Guys Tops In-N-Out in Recent Poll

Here in America, fast food chains have become this century’s phenomenon. One of those popular foods served at all of these quick meal companies are hamburgers, most of all, cheeseburgers. Now, every one of course has their desired burger spot. You know, the usually spot where when you get that juicy burger in your hand no other burger place could top it. The biggest rivalries are In-N-Out fans versus Five Guys fans. 

Some of you may be thinking, how is Five Guys even compared to the delicious, perfectly decent priced In-N-Out burgers because, let’s face it, they are indeed the best. However, in a recent poll it states Five Guys is now America’s favorite burger chain. Um ,what?! Even though they are just located in the West Coast, East coasters who have tried In-N-Out can vouch for it’s savory taste. 

Many Americans have been so upset about this vote they have revoked their US identity. One fan claimed, “I’m not American, I’m Californian. In-N-Out Burger is #1.” Many others responded by posting pictures of their In-N-Out meals. Nonetheless there are people in this world who believe Five Guys is better. Let’s pray they get a better, refined palette. 


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