Disney’s New Star Wars Expansion Will Open Up Next Summer

Since Disney bought Lucasfilms and, therefore, the Star Wars franchise, the fans of the saga created by George Lucas has been waiting for Star Wars-themed parks or expansions in the already-existing Disney parks. Yet, even as the film franchise expansion has amounted to incredible success, little was known about these possibilities.

But now, Disney has put an official approximate date for the opening of “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”: summer 2019, in Disneyland, and late fall of the same year in Disney World.

Disney parks have merged Star Wars rides and attractions, but Galaxy’s Edge is a much bigger project, maybe the biggest since Disney bought the franchise. 

Rather than a ride, or a themed area on a park, Galaxy’s Edge is a new world intended to let the fans step into the Star Wars Universe.

For example, no Disney employees will be found in the shops and restaurants, but local inhabitants of Batuu, the planet where the park is set. Also, the rollercoasters are intended to be part of a bigger interactive quest that the guest can follow.

Moving from traditional parks to more interactive environments has been a tactic used by Universal Studios for more than a decade, with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  But Disney is catching up. Besides Galaxy’s Edge, Disney is working on a Star Wars-themed hotel in Disney World to allow visitors to be in an interactive adventure 24/7 in their vacations. 


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