Derrick Rose Will Go To The Cavs And Kyrie Irving’s Future Is Still Undetermined

With news of Kyrie Irving requesting a trade from the Cavs earlier this week, a lot of buzz went around the NBA revolving around which team the all-star would end up on. However, what came as a surprise is who would be replacing Kyrie on the Cavs. Irving has not yet signed with a team, or even officially decided he would want to play somewhere else, but the Cavs took strides in replacing the point guard with former New York Knicks player, Derrick Rose.

Monday night, Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports let the world know that D-Rose would be headed to Cleveland. “Derrick Rose has committed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers and completed his physical exam today, league sources tell The Vertical,” Charania tweeted on Tuesday. The free agent signed a one year deal worth $2.1 million. Compared to some other players in the league, Rose’s deal seems a little weak.

Rose had been in contact with a few other teams, like the Lakers, but overall decided he would be most needed on the Cavs. He was named the 2010-2011 MVP of the league when he played for the bulls, making him the second player in Chicago Bulls history to win the award.

Derrick Rose has struggled with injuries, ultimately making him take a step back with his career. A series of knee injuries put a damper on his career and he eventually ended up on the Knicks. While the point guard did have some good moments in the past few years, he is no Kyrie Irving. They might have gotten a new point guard for the team, but the fate of Irving is still undecided. 


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