College Game Days Are Fun For Everyone, Not Just College Students

One of the most exciting aspects of attending a university with a sports team is the anticipation of game days.  The term “game days” commonly refers to Fridays or Saturdays where the university’s football team plays against one of their rivals.

Game days are incredibly fun and are celebrated by people of every age. From alumni to students to children of faculty members, Game days in college are the best days.  At a big school in the South, for example, you can expect to see students decked out in their school’s colors.

College Game Days Are Fun For Everyone, Not Just College Students

Jersey’s are typically worn. However, trendy dresses, shoes, skirts, and tops are worn by the girls and polo shirts, chubbies, and hats are worn by the guys.

If a school’s colors are red and white, for example, you will undoubtedly see a swarm of predominantly white and red clothing clad students walking around campus, downtown, and any other area.

Another common event that occurs during game days is tailgaters. These tailgates can vary from alumni bringing up an RV and setting up snacks to watch the game in a nearby parking lot, a school-sponsored tent with food and spirit items, and tons of rowdy fraternity tailgates where most of the greek life students flock to before the game begins.


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