Blizzard is Remaking Starcraft and Releasing the Original for Free

Blizzard has gone ahead and decided to remake Starcraft in HD. They even went ahead and decided to provide the older version of the game for free. The remake will apparently come with new graphics, designs, and special effects that are more 21st century. For example, according to Kotaku, the new game will include better audio.

It will also be supported by the Blizzard App, which means gamers can play on the go and makes it easier for gamers to find other users who are online to play with or against. Even though Blizzard is creating a new, updated version of the game, Polygon stated that there would be fixes to the original that will enable users to play the game on current gaming platforms. In other words, the old game will be compatible with new gaming systems.

Many find it hard to believe that the 1998 game will be available for free to play. It seems fairly unreal as the game is extremely popular and even the $14 original price seemed low.


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