Black Panther is a Must See

For those who enjoy action adventure films, Marvel’s new movie, Black Panther, has been gaining a ton of popularity since its release date in early February. The story chronicles the story of a Wakandan prince, turned King, and given the Responsibility of holding all of the power and authority that comes with being the Black Panther.

As a movie presented between two worlds, modern day United States, and an apparent third world country that actually possess countless technological innovations and resources, the struggles of oppression and violence that are present in today’s society are showcased to all who see the movie.

Because of the incredible artistry of the story line and the movie effects, most people leave the theater very please with how the movie was made.

Globally, the film has raised over $700 million dollars and continues to be a box office success. Domestically speaking, Black Panther currently holds the second best second week in the domestic box office, second only to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This film has attracted Marvel enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and regular movie goers of all ages. Many people have even been reported to continue to revisit their local theaters in order to watch the movie for a second time. Currently, the movie is on its way to becoming Marvel’s highest grossing film and is set to surpass The Avengers.

Another reason that the film has made such a positive impact is that it is breaking down some of the pre-existing Hollywood Standards. Showcasing a powerful, all black cast, with subtle lines that refer to the oppression that they have faced, truly exposes and brings to light a variety of circumstances and topics that should be talked about in society and become less of a taboo.


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