Ben Affleck Teases Villain for New Batman Movie

Ben Affleck will finally get his chance at the helm of a standalone Batman film, which will come on the heels of the new Justice League movie next year. Affleck is set to write and direct in addition to donning the iconic cape, now he has sent the rumor mill into overdrive, by sharing a mysterious new video on Twitter.

The 27-second clip features footage of what appears to be DC Comics fan favorite Deathstroke, although Affleck doesn’t name the character and doesn’t say which movie he’ll appear in, either.

Deathstroke first debuted in a 1980 issue of DC’s New Teen Titans. An assassin and a mercenary, he has become one of the most recognized in DC’s arsenal. The character has yet to appear in the DCEU, but Manu Bennett played Deathstroke on the CW’s Arrow.

Now, it seems the mercenary’s big screen debut is all but confirmed.


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