5 Tips For Making the Best Possible Book Club Picks

Joining the book club is a great way to broaden your reading horizons, but it’s not always easy to find books that the whole group agrees on. If you’re struggling to pick books that have the power to catch everyone’s attention and spark a heated discussion, our brief guide will help you make better choices.

Perfect Length

The length of the book is one of the first factors you should consider when making suggestions. Lengthy books may be overwhelming and you’ll struggle to finish them in time.

Discussion Potential

You should also go for books that offer a lot of material for discussion, ideally with discussion guides at the end of the book that will help the conversation run smoothly.

Switch Genres

Things will get a little bit stale after a while if you constantly read books that fall under the same genre, so make sure to switch things up and diversify your choices.

Consider Availability

It’s important that the book you pick is available to every member of the club and fits into everyone’s budget. Before making it your official pick, make sure it’s available in different formats so everyone can find it with ease.

Make a Poll

Every book club member should have a say on which book you’ll read next. Have everyone make a few suggestions, and put them to a vote to choose your next book club pick.


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