5 Things To Look For in a Hostel When You’re Trying to Make Friends

Traveling solo doesn’t have to be a lonely experience since you can make a lot of friends along the way—especially if you’re staying at a hostel. If you’re in the mood to mingle with other travelers, it’s important to find the right hostel, and here are five things you should look for.

Party Hostels

Party hostels are extremely popular with young travelers trying to make new friends and have a good time. You might struggle to get a good night’s sleep if you stay at one, but fun memories are guaranteed.

Bar on Site

Hostels with a bar on sight are also a great place to make new friends. They might not be as loud as party hostels but still have a similar vibe.

Social Spaces

If party hostels aren’t your thing, but you still want to find a place where you can easily socialize, look for hostels that have spacious communal areas, such as lounges, shared kitchens, and rooftop terraces.

Tons of Activities

A lot of hostels organize tons of fun activities, from pub crawls and free tours to game nights and free dinners. Look for one that has them in store because these events have the power to bring guests together.

Shared Meals

You should also look for a hostel that has on-site breakfast in store. In addition to helping you start your day on the right foot, communal meals are a great time to mingle with other guests.


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