5 Things That Will Cost You Extra on a Low-Cost Flight

Low-cost airlines offer extremely cheap flight tickets, but they usually make extra money by charging you for things most regular airlines don’t. If you have a low-cost flight on the horizon, here are five hidden expenses of budget airlines you should keep in mind.

Airport Check-In

Always check in at home when flying with low-cost airlines because airport check-in isn’t free and it’s severely overpriced.

Extra Luggage

Low-cost airlines won’t be your cup of tea if you hate traveling light. You’ll have to pack all your belongings inside a backpack of certain dimensions because extra baggage usually isn’t included in the price—not even a small carry-on.

Choosing Seats

If you want to book a seat of your choosing, prepare to cash out some more money because this amenity doesn’t come free on low-budget airlines.

Airport Transportation

There are exceptions to this rule, but it’s pretty common for low-cost airlines to operate from alternative airports that are located far from the city, and you’ll often spend more than you’ve bargained for to reach your final destination.

Food & Drinks

Most regular airlines offer free drinks and snacks or full meals on longer flights, but you’ll have to pay for everything—even water—when flying with low-cost airlines.


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