5 Home Decor Trends to Embrace in 2023, According to Pinterest

2023 is less than two weeks away, and Pinterest celebrated its arrival by unveiling its highly-anticipated list of trend predictions. Their annual forecast included some pretty amazing home décor trends that you should embrace ASAPstarting with these five.

Picture-Perfect Doorways

If you want your guests to be wowed by your home before they even step in, this trend will be your cup of tea. It’s all about pampering your porch, doorway, and garden for a dramatic first impression.

Retro Meets Modern

“Hipstoric homes” will be one of the biggest home décor crazes of 2023, and they’re all about mixing modern and retro styles by reusing vintage hand-me-down furniture and decorations in your home.

Rain Harvesting

One of the most sustainable trends on Pinterest’s list is all about rain harvesting, with such terms as rock drainage landscaping, rainwater harvesting architecture, and rain barrels ideas popping up in searches.

Mushroom Motifs

Mushroom motifs have been ruling the world of home décor for quite some time, and they’re not going anywhere. Mushroom art and funky, vintage mushroom décor will be all the rage in 2023.

Elevated Showers

Pinterest is predicting our shower routine will become much more elevated in 2023, as we turn to shower bombs, shower walk-ins, and doorless showers.


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