5 Fashion Items You’ll Need to Copy Sabrina Carpenter’s Flawless Style

Sabrina Carpenter’s star has been on the rise for quite some time, and she’s currently enjoying the success of her viral hit “Espresso”. The former Disney star went through quite a fashion evolution in recent years, and here are five fashion items you’ll need to copy her style.

Coquette Vibes

Carpenter is a huge fan of the super-feminine coquette aesthetic, which you can embrace by rocking lace, bows, pastel colors, and accessories with a sweet and romantic vibe.

Just Add Hearts

Speaking of sweet and romantic motifs in Carpenter’s outfits, you’ll notice she’s a huge fan of hearts. She enjoys wearing dresses with heart prints and cutouts, especially during her performances.

Short ‘N Sweet

Just like the title of her new album suggests, the former Disney star likes to keep things short and sweet, and you’ll notice a lot of mini skirts and dresses in her wardrobe.

Platform Heels

“Espresso” singer doesn’t hide the fact that she’s just 5 feet tall, but that’s not stopping her from using platform heels and knee-high boots to mask her small stature.

Shine Bright

Carpenter can’t get enough of sequined and shimmering dresses and skirts, and she dazzled us by wearing them on several occasions, even during major red carpet events.


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