3 Things To Do Instead of Using Your Phone in the Evening

There are now countless studies to show the negative impacts of using our phones in the evenings. The bright, blue light is known to play tricks on our brains and make us think it’s morning time which can greatly impact sleep quality. Having all this information in our hands just before bed can also make it hard to wind down and switch off our minds. However, many of us still reach for our phones in the evenings. Here are some alternative activities to try. 


It’s a great idea to get into the habit of regular journalling, and the evening is the ideal time for this. You can write a recap of your day, which helps you to process any events and how you felt during the day. It also helps you to remember each day more clearly. This activity is the perfect way to wind down your mind after a busy day.


This can mean whatever you want it to, depending on your preferences. A simple choice that is great for preparing the mind and body for sleep is coloring in, but if you’d prefer to paint or draw this is also a lovely evening activity. 

Yoga and Meditation

While this may sound complicated, it can be as simple as some gentle stretches and five or ten minutes of quiet, calm breath focus. Again, this is a great habit to get into and will have a positive impact on your sleep. 


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