3 Easy Hair Updos for Those Warm Summer Days

When the summer heats up, most of us start seeking ways to stay as cool as possible. One simple way to cool down while staying chic is to opt for an up do, as getting your hair off your neck and shoulders can really reduce the heat. Check out these elegant and stylish up dos which you can practice now so that you’re prepared for summer.

Space Buns

There are lots of ways to style space buns—some people like to make it fancy and plait the buns into fishtail or French braids before pinning them up. Essentially, the space buns hairstyle involves sectioning your hair into two parts and pinning these sections into buns. Some people like to wear them high on the head, but low space buns pinned just above the nape of your neck can look super elegant and sophisticated for the evenings.

Twisted Bun

If your hair is on the shorter side, there are still plenty of up dos which will work for you. Just check out this gorgeous twisted low bun hairstyle, which is created by sectioning small parts of the hair, twisting them and pinning them using a bobby pin, before wrapping the ends into the perfect chic bun!

Bubble Ponytail

For a more casual daytime look, why not opt for a fun yet chic bubble ponytail? You’ll find plenty of tutorials for this look on the Internet, but essentially it involves sectioning your standard ponytail using scrunchies to create the ‘bubble’ effect going down your hair.


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